new year = new you?


dear friends 

every december end, we find ourselves consciously and subconsciously calculating the successes and failures of the year past: how did we show up? how did we do? how did we look? how did we feel? how did we seem?
how did we compare?

we then make resolutions, commitments, and promises to change ourselves and our outcomes in the year ahead: we can show up better. we can do better. we can look better. we can feel better. we can seem better.
we can set the standard.

i understand the draw, but i reject that these types of resolutions, commitments, and promises are helping us progress at all. using the new last digit of the year as our key to improvement and change is at best a placebo effect that wears off quicker than it came.  

what if we instead decide to show up, do, look, feel, and be in a way that helps us progress every day?

but how?

by shifting our self reflection and awareness to ask: what do i stand for? what do i value? what do i hold true? what do i want to learn? what makes me unique? what can i contribute? how does my character affect the people around me? how does my character affect the world?

i invite you to take a moment to breathe in the rejuvenation that you may need as you continue on your path. i invite you to always give yourself the opportunity to choose:

authenticity over facade  

process over product

sharing over proving  

showing up over hiding

speaking up over silence

extraordinary over ordinary

wander the path of wonder

sharing inspiration, sparking curiosity, reminding you to stay magical. 

Priya Mahendra