the 'good' and the 'bad'


dear friends 
in the te of piglet (one of my favorite books), benjamin hoff writes
"before we start crying and praying to the universe to take away our trials and tribulations,
we might more closely examine what it has given us.
maybe the 'good' things are tests, possibly rather difficult ones at that,
and the 'bad' things are gifts to help us grow:
problems to solve, situations to learn to avoid, habits to change, conditions to accept,
lessons to learn, things to transform - all opportunities to find wisdom, happiness, and truth.
to quote william blake:
'it is right it should be so; 
man was made for joy and woe; 
and when this we rightly know,
thro' the world we safely go.
joy and woe are woven fine, 
a clothing for the soul divine.’”

life is full of
'good and bad'
'joy and woe'
peaks and valleys.  
the 'bad', 'woe', and valleys
can offer us growth, learning, and magic 
if we allow it to.

wander the path of wonder

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Priya Mahendra