a special snowflake


dear friends 

in his podcast i see you

seth godin says that every human wants to be seen and heard.

but in a world of many

how can we stand out?

his answer: we can be a special snowflake.  

i love this idea.

no two snowflakes are alike.

all snowflakes are special.

it makes sense.

after all, there is only one of you.

by being yourself

and developing into who you were born to be

you stand out.

your individuality is a power you cannot lose.

your distinct architecture allows you to be seen and heard

as yourself.

being a special snowflake is possible for everyone.

by creating, cultivating, and contributing

with that power in mind

you can stand out.

wander the path of wonder

sharing inspiration, sparking curiosity, reminding you to stay magical. 

Priya Mahendra