seeing greatness


dear friends 
this past week my friend lili said to me 
“imagine how dull it would be to live in a world 
where we are incapable of seeing the greatness in others.” 

and i imagined it. 
it was a cold, lackluster, guarded world. 
the choice was there but it was easier and quicker to opt out. 

but we do have this ability,
this power, this choice
to recognize greatness in others. 
what they sometimes can’t see for themselves. 
when we see it,
we must speak up.
it just may turn some dullness into light 
in both you and the other person. 

ps. lili is the host and creator of the podcast “the dreaded question.” 
it’s full of insight, honesty, and greatness. 

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Priya Mahendra