the first agreement

dear friends, 
'the four agreements' by don miguel ruiz 
is a powerful guide 
for the way we see and interact 
with ourselves, others, and the world. 
ruiz gives us four agreements to follow 
in the quest for our freedom, love, and happiness. 

the first agreement
''be impeccable with your word:
speak with integrity. 
say only what you mean.
avoid using the word to speak against yourself
or to gossip about others. 
use the power of your word 
in the direction of truth and love.''

"the word is the most powerful tool you have as a human; 
it is the tool of magic. 
but like a sword with two edges, 
your word can create the most beautiful dream, 
or your word can destroy everything around you....
....depending on how it is used, 
the word can set you free, 
or it can enslave you more than you know."

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Priya Mahendra